Sharing a terminal session with termshare

Wed 21 May 2014 by Lars Kellogg-Stedman Tags tools terminal

Termshare is a tool for sharing your terminal in a browser session. It supports both read-only and read-write sessions, and unlike many other tools it does not require any software installation on the remote side. This makes it tremendously handy for:

  • Streaming terminal demonstrations to a diverse audience, or
  • Sharing …
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Fedora and OVS Bridge Interfaces

I run OpenStack on my laptop, and I've been chasing down a pernicious problem with OVS bridge interfaces under both F19 and F20. My OpenStack environment relies on an OVS bridge device named br-ex for external connectivity and for making services available to OpenStack instances, but after rebooting, br-ex was …

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Firewalld, NetworkManager, and OpenStack

These are my notes on making OpenStack play well with firewalld and NetworkManager.


By default, NetworkManager attempts to start a DHCP client on every new available interface. Since booting a single instance in OpenStack can result in the creation of several virtual interfaces, this results in a lot of …

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Flat networks with ML2 and OpenVSwitch

Due to an unfortunate incident involving sleep mode and an overheated backpack I had the "opportunity" to rebuild my laptop. Since this meant reinstalling OpenStack I used this as an excuse to finally move to the ML2 network plugin for Neutron.

I was attempting to add an external network using …

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Extending Puppet

Wed 16 April 2014 by Lars Kellogg-Stedman Tags puppet

I wanted to learn about writing custom Puppet types and providers. The official documentation is a little sparse, but I finally stumbled upon the following series of articles by Gary Larizza that provide a great deal of insight into the process and a bunch of example code:

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