Puppet, scope, and inheritance

Tue 16 August 2011 by Lars Kellogg-Stedman Tags puppet

I note this here because it wasn't apparent to me from the Puppet documentation.

If you have a Puppet class like this:

class foo {
  File {  ensure  => file,
          mode    => 600,

And you use it like this:

class bar {
  include foo

  file { '/tmp/myfile': }

Then /tmp/myfile will not be created. But …

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Fixing RPM with evil magic

Tue 26 July 2011 by Lars Kellogg-Stedman Tags rpm

Fixing rpmsign with evil magic

At my office we are developing a deployment mechanism for RPM packages. The general workflow looks like this:

  • You build a source rpm on your own machine.
  • You sign the rpm with your GPG key.
  • You submit the source RPM to our buildserver.
  • The buildserver …
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Installing CrashPlan under FreeBSD 8

This articles describes how I got CrashPlan running on my FreeBSD 8(-STABLE) system. These instructions by Kim Scarborough were my starting point, but as these were for FreeBSD 7 there were some additional steps necessary to get things working.

Install Java

I had originally thought that it might be …

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Signing data with ssh-agent

This is follow-up to my previous post, Converting OpenSSH public keys.

OpenSSH allows one to use an agent that acts as a proxy to your private key. When using an agent -- particularly with agent forwarding enabled -- this allows you to authenticate to a remote host without having to (a) repeatedly …

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Converting OpenSSH public keys

I've posted a followup to this article that discusses ssh-agent.

For reasons best left to another post, I wanted to convert an SSH public key into a PKCS#1 PEM-encoded public key. That is, I wanted to go from this:

cdoNVkAAuL/YD7FMG1Z0SjtcZS6MoO8Lb9pkq6R …
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