In order to import posts from Blogger into I needed to convert all the HTML formatting into Markdown. Thankfully there are a number of tools out there that can help with this task.

  • MarkdownRules. This is an online service build around Markdownify. It's a slick site with a nice API, but the backend wasn't able to correctly render <pre> blocks. Since I'm often writing about code, my posts are filled with things like embedded XML and #include <stdio.h>, so this was a problem.

  • Pandoc. This is a general purpose tool that can convert between a variety of markup formats. Unfortunately, it also had similar problems with <pre> blocks.

  • html2text. This a Python tool that converts HTML to Markdown. It seems to do a better job at handling the <pre> blocks, although it doesn't always get the indent level correct when the <pre> blocks are embedded in lists.

I ultimately ended up using html2text, combined with a simple script to read the export from Blogger and feed each document to the converter.

Relocating from Blogger

Tue 06 November 2012 by Lars Kellogg-Stedman Tags meta

I'm in the process of porting over content from Blogger. This may lead to odd formatting or broken links here and there. If you spot something, please let me know.

If you came here from Google and found a broken link, try starting at the archive and see if you …

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Merging directories with OpenLDAP's Meta backend

This document provides an example of using OpenLDAP's meta backend to provide a unified view of two distinct LDAP directory trees. I was frustrated by the lack of simple examples available when I went looking for information on this topic, so this is my attempt to make life easier for …

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