In order to import posts from Blogger into I needed to convert all the HTML formatting into Markdown. Thankfully there are a number of tools out there that can help with this task.

  • MarkdownRules. This is an online service build around Markdownify. It’s a slick site with a nice API, but the backend wasn’t able to correctly render <pre> blocks. Since I’m often writing about code, my posts are filled with things like embedded XML and #include <stdio.h>, so this was a problem.

  • Pandoc. This is a general purpose tool that can convert between a variety of markup formats. Unfortunately, it also had similar problems with <pre> blocks.

  • html2text. This a Python tool that converts HTML to Markdown. It seems to do a better job at handling the <pre> blocks, although it doesn’t always get the indent level correct when the <pre> blocks are embedded in lists.

I ultimately ended up using html2text, combined with a simple script to read the export from Blogger and feed each document to the converter.