I saw a request from a customer float by the other day regarding the ability to filter the XML used to create Nova instances in libvirt. The customer effectively wanted to blacklist a variety of devices (and device types). The consensus seems to be “you can’t do this right now and upstream is unlikely to accept patches that implement this behavior”, but it sounded like an interesting problem, so…

This is a fork of Nova (Juno) that includes support for an extensible filtering mechanism that is applied to the generated XML before it gets passed to libvirt.

How it works

The code uses the stevedore module to handle locating and loading filters. A filter is a Python class that implements a filter method with the following signature:

def filter(self, xml, instance=None, context=None)

The code in nova.virt.libvirt.domxmlfilters collects all filters registered in the nova.filters.domxml namespace, and then runs them in sequence, passing the output of one filter as the output to the next:

filters = stevedore.extension.ExtensionManager(

def filter_domain_xml(xml,

    '''Filter the XML content in 'xml' through any filters registered in
    the nova.filters.domxml namespace.'''

    revised = xml
    for filter in filters:
        LOG.debug('filtering xml with filter %s',
        revised = filter.obj.filter(revised,

    return revised

The filters are called from the _get_guest_xml method in nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py.

An example filter

This filter will add an interface to the libvirt default network to any instance created by Nova:

from lxml import etree

class AddNetworkFilter (object):
    def filter(self, xml,

        doc = etree.fromstring(xml)

        network = etree.fromstring('''
        <interface type="network">
          <source network="default"/>
          <model type="virtio"/>

        devices = doc.xpath('/domain/devices')[0]

        return etree.tostring(doc, pretty_print=True)

You can find this in my demo_nova_filters repository, along with a few other trivial examples. The above filter is registered via the entry_points section of the setup.py file:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import setuptools

        'nova.filters.domxml': [

And that’s it. This is almost entirely untested. While it works in some cases it doesn’t work in all cases, and it’s unlikely that I’m going to update this to work with any future version of Nova. This was really just an exercise in curiosity. Enjoy!